Our Travel Route 2019

This page gives an overview of the countries we want to visit. As we do not plan and book the whole trip in advance, Although we had to book some of our trips already in advance, we will update this page regularly so that you can see where we have been (green), where we currently are (yellow), and where we might go next (blue). If you want to read the posts about a specific country, just click on the map.

Travel route 2019 Placeholder
Travel route 2019


On 31.12.2019 we will fly to Sydney, where we spend the first nights with a friend of Christiane’s. On 07.01.2019 we will then fly to Tasmania and explore the area in a campervan for 29 days. Early in February we will fly back to the continent and land in Adelaide. There we’ll stay a few nights and then drive with a rented car to the Kangaroo Island, where we stay a week and spending the nights in hostels. Mid-February we will return to Adelaide, where we take another campervan and drive all the way to Sydney. You can find all of our posts about Australia here.

United States of America

Because we can only stay in Australia for 3 months in a row, we have to leave Australia by the end of March at the latest. Therefore we fly on 21.03.2019 from Sydney to Los Angeles, where we will spend two nights in a motel before picking up our campervan. There are several great national parks waiting for us to visit them (ok, they probably don’t know that yet 🙂 ). We will spend 38 days here and then fly from L.A. to Auckland on 29.04.2019. You can find all of our posts about the United States here.

New Zealand

Our journey would be incomplete if we would leave out New Zealand. We just love it there and preferably visit both North and South Island again. But unfortunately there are so many place we haven’t seen yet and we have been to New Zealand twice already: in 2016/17 we visited North and South Island and in 2018 we spent almost four weeks on the South Island. So we decided to go to the North Island and on 04.05.2019 we will pick up our campervan in Auckland. The post about New Zealand are here.

Cook Islands

The day after Christiane’s birthday, we will fly to the Cook Islands, cross the date line and arrive on Rarotonga the day before we actually departed. So we can celebrate her birthday twice this year. Unfortunately the islands are so small, that they are not visible in the above map. You can read our post about our time on the Cook Islands here.

Australia Part 2: Queensland

After taking a break from Australia for about three months, which we spent in the US, New Zealand and on Cook Islands, we return to Australia end of June. This time we will land in Cairns and drive along the east coast to Brisbane. Our Queensland posts are here.

Cruise: Indonesian Explorer

End of July, we will board the “Pacific Dawn” to experience our first cruise. Departing from Brisbane, we will visit Port Douglas, Darwin, Dili, Komodo Island and Bali, before arriving in Singapore.

Thailand: Phuket

After two days of exploring Singapore, we are flying to our last trip. It’s kind of a round circle: our world trip began with a wonderful week in Sydney with Leanna, Paul and Hugo – and it ends with a fantastic week with them as well. We will meet in Phuket, where we’ll stay at the Marriott Resort & Spa at Merlin Beach.


We expect that our trip will end around end of August, because in the beginning of September we will spend a few days in Scharbeutz (Baltic Sea) to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of Marcel’s parents.

Booking spree: 4 flights, 4 campervans
Australia here we come!

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