Our Top 5 in 7 Months of Vanlife: Part 2

We travelled for seven months with campervans through Australia, the United States and New Zealand. During this time, we gathered so many impressions and experiences, that sometimes it is a bit difficult to keep an overview – even for us. That’s why we tried to put together some highlights of our road trip. In Part 2 we present the 5 places that come to our mind when we think of the most beautiful campgrounds, best wildlife, bars & restaurants, and sundowns.

Top 5 Campgrounds

Place 5: Tokerau Beach Freedom Camping (New Zealand)

New Zealand as we know and love it: fantastic campgrounds in the middle of beautiful nature.

Place 4: White Tank Campground (Joshua Tree NP, California, USA)

We were really lucky to get a free spot here – and it should remain the only time, we got lucky, of all 9 national parks we visited in the US. We stayed three nights and shared our spot with very nice people and had interesting talks with beers around a campfire.

Place 3: McLaren Falls Park (New Zealand)

We stayed at this place already two years ago during our first New Zealand holiday. This time, we stayed again for two nights, strolled through this beautiful park and visited the glow worms in the night.

Place 2: Friendly Beaches Campground (Tasmania, Australia)

Friendly beaches already made place 2 on our Top 5 of beaches. The free (!) campground is right next to the beach and wildlife is also visiting.

Place 1: Bakers Beach Springlawn Campground (Narawntapu NP, Tasmania, Australia)

This campground is in our beloved Narawntapu National Park and for only about 10 € you get a spot with power. It also has warm showers, close access to the beach, lots of wildlife and a feeling of Africa when you see the sun go down (see below!).

Top 5 Wildlife

Place 5: Daintree River (Queensland, Australia)

We were lucky to see many saltwater crocodiles on our two river cruises and also some crocodile interaction.

Place 4: Great Otway National Park (Victoria, Australien)

We stayed two nights at the beautiful Bimbi Park campground with koalas sitting in the trees right above the campervans.

Place 3: Kangaroo Valley (New South Wales, Australia)

On the free Bendeela campground in Kangaroo Valley we saw our first wombats, many kangaroos and Christiane saved Marcel from a dangerous snake.

Place 2: Flinders Chase Conservation Reserve (Kangaroo Island, Australia)

Unbelievable! Seals who are able to get up and relax on the rocks despite heavy swells. Along with it koalas, sitting in trees and nibbling eucalyptus leaves. And the cherry on top: watching two kangaroos “fight” for several minutes right next to us 🙂

Place 1: Narawntapu NP (Tasmania, Australia)

Every evening, pademelons, wallabies and kangaroos were gathering on a grassland right next to our campground. Many had joeys in their pouch. We also really enjoyed the little birds who enjoyed their baths in a little tub next to our van and which we always filled with fresh water. The little bath was also quite popular with pademelons and we were sitting only about a meter from it.

Top 5 Bars & Restaurants

Place 5: Big Deans Ocean Front Cafe (Venice Beach, USA)

Our Los Angeles “city tour” started and ended at Venice Beach, after we stopped at Big Deans Ocean Front Café for a cool beer and stayed until it got dark.

Place 4: Treehouse (Airlie Beach, Australia)

Our breakfast restaurant in Airlie Beach which had the best coffee on our 7 months trip.

Place 3: Longboard (Townsville, Australia)

Very cool bar to ride out the bad weather in Townsville, where we enjoyed ourselves with wine, beer, and GT 🙂

Place 2: Mac’s Brew Bar (Auckland, New Zealand)

Very cozy bar with fireplace, bookshelves, and floor lamps hanging from the ceiling. Very nice food and lovely atmosphere!

Place 1: Dr Rudi’s Rooftop (Auckland, New Zealand)

Right next to a beautiful marina in Auckland. We came for a little snack and stayed well after the sun had set.

Top 5 Sundowns

Place 5: Badgerys Lookout (New South Wales, Australia)

View of the valley is unbelievably beautiful!

Place 4: Lake Tutira (New Zealand)

Absolutely idyllic in the evening – perfect for a postcard.

Place 3: Pinks Beach (South Australia, Australia)

Wonderful cloud formation while sun sets in the ocean.

Place 2: Airlie Beach (Queensland, Australia)

What a remarkable sundown at the marina of Airlie Beach with great food and a glass of wine.

Place 1: Narawntapu NP (Tasmania, Australia)

The National Park is also called “Tasmania’s Serengeti”. Looking at all the wildlife hopping around in front of this beautiful sundown, we know why 🙂

Our Top 5 in 7 Months of Vanlife: Part 1
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