Let’s go to Las Vegas

After our last night in the Grand Canyon National Park we went on towards Las Vegas. We spread the trip over two days and made a detour via Route 66 and a detour to the Hoover Dam.

Route 66

From the Grand Canyon National Park we drove south to Williams. The small town lies directly at the Interstate 40 and is something like the gate to the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, we noticed this again in terms of the fuel prices, which were around $4 per gallon 😒.

From there we went in western direction towards Seligman, where we changed to Route 66. Seligman seems to have specialized completely on tourists who travel the Route 66 as you can find countless souvenir shops with the symbol of the Route 66. For us, this was a bit too touristic. Especially as we don’t really have room for souvenirs in our luggage anyway. Those who follow our blog know that with Skippy and Rocky the free places were already fully booked on the first day of our trip 😁.

So we quickly left Seligman behind and preferred to enjoy the beautiful landscape a little… with suitable music of course 😄.

We spent the night at the Crozier Ranch on Route 66. Here you can choose a spot on the meadow for free if you are self-contained. As it was still relatively early, we simply sat down in the shade of our camper van and read in our books.

Joshie auf der Crozier Ranch

Hoover Dam

The next morning we slowly started the day and drove back to Interstate 40. Interstate 93 took us north to Las Vegas. We really liked the landscape.

Shortly before Las Vegas the Hoover Dam appeared on the right side of our route. From the road we could only see a lot of parked cars and tourists. We drove off the road and had to drive through a security check. Here our campervan was also checked from the inside. We were allowed to pass of course and then drove over the dam to the other side to park. From there we went to the viewing platform with a great view over Lake Mead and the dam. Slowly we noticed that the temperatures were getting warmer and warmer. Welcome back to Nevada.

Las Vegas

After 4 weeks in 7 national parks, Las Vegas is appears like a small culture shock. Loud, colorful, shrill and hot (34° Celsius). We had already booked a parking space at the Las Vegas RV Resort. For us a very good starting point, because from a nearby hotel and casino there was a free shuttle bus to the “Strips” (the amusement mile of Las Vegas). We took the bus in the late afternoon to see Las Vegas by day and by night. We then strolled along the strip, watched people and watched the casinos we only knew from the Ocean’s film series.

And for dinner we had a huge 17 inch pizza (approx. 43 cm) which we could hardly finish even though we shared.

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Grand Canyon
Death Valley National Park

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