A week on Kangaroo Island (Part 2)

Flinders Chase National Park is the only national park on Kangaroo Island and of course a must-do and highlight. And it was just fabulous what we experienced this day.

The map shows the places we visited in the national park:

Remarkable Rocks (Flinders Chase National Park)

Our day started with a beautiful sunshine and a visit to the Remarkable Rocks, which is (thus the name) a remarkable rock formation above sea level. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

Admirals Arch (Flinders Chase Nationalpark)

The Admirals Arch is only 10 minutes by car from the Remarkable Rocks. Already from a distance we could see very dark clouds and a lot of rain on the sea and quickly put on our jackets. In connection with the very strong wind the rain felt like hail. The waves that day were huge. Due to the little offshore islands the waves hit the coast from all directions. Fur seals love this place and either lie on the rocks (how do they get up there undamaged?) or swim in the surf in search of food. The Admirals Arch itself is an arch (hence the name) and can be visited via a wooden walkway.

Stiff breeze

Fur seals lying on the rocks
Admirals Arch


Heritage Walk (Flinders Chase Nationalpark)

The Heritage Walk starts directly at the visitor centre of the Flinders Chase National Park and here you can observe koalas in the wild. The circular walk is only 1,2 km long, but it still took us about one and a half hours. You need some patience and perseverance to discover the koalas in the eucalyptus trees (Tip: Look for unusual patterns in the tree). We discovered a total of 11 koalas. And although high in the trees, we were able to take some pictures of them with our smartphones.

Besides koalas there were also several kangaroos to see along the way. We could watch a kangaroo fight undisturbed for almost 10 minutes. They didn’t care at all about us standing there and watch them.

Vivonne Bay

On our way back to the east of the island we took the southern road which is much closer to the coast than the northern road. And because the points of interests on our to-do list were close to the coast, those detours were much shorter.

First we drove to Vivonne Bay, which was warmly recommended to us in Adelaide by a nice lady at the visitor centre. The opening to the bay is relatively narrow, so during our short visit no big waves came to the beach.

Little Sahara

We went on to Little Sahara. This is a (very white) dune landscape about 10 km east of Vivonne Bay. Here you can book tours or rent boards to jet down the dunes like in a ski area. We just had a nice walk through the dunes and left the boarding to the other people.

Seal Bay

Seal Bay was our last stop on the way back to the hostel. The guided tour at Seal Bay was also included in our Kangaroo Island Tour Pass. This time we went down to the beach, where a lot of Australian sea lions lay in the sun and recovered from their fish hunting trips, which can last up to 3 days.

Afterwards we walked a wooden path above the dunes and had a great view of the whole bay.

Flinders Chase National Park, Herk, Kangaroo Island, South Australia
A week on Kangaroo Island (Part 1)
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