Our Top 5 in 7 Months of Vanlife: Part 1

We travelled for seven months with campervans through Australia, the United States and New Zealand. During this time, we gathered so many impressions and experiences, that sometimes it is a bit difficult to keep an overview – even for us. That’s why we tried to put together some highlights of our road trip. In Part 1 we present the 5 places that come to our mind when we think of the most beautiful national parks, beaches, hikes, and cities.

Top 5 National Parks

We both made a list of the Top 5s separately and then compared our results. Already with the first task we realized: this is difficult. We both had the Tongariro National Park on our list, but this was because we really loved the Tongariro Alpine Crossing – which is a hike and we have a separate list for that. So bear with us – coming up and agreeing on the Top 5 is a challenge 🙂

Place 5: Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA)

The Grand Canyon has to make our list, because, well, size apparently does matter 😉

Place 4: Bryce Canyon (Utah, USA)

Der Bryce Canyon was a winter wonderland and with minus 6° Celsius we experienced here the coldest night of our trip.

Place 3: Joshua Tree (California, USA)

A different kind of desert with funny trees and rock formations.

Place 2: Freycinet (Tasmania, Australia)

Long white sand beaches and little bays and beautiful hikes.

Place 1: Narawntapu (Tasmania, Australia)

This little national park in the North of Tasmania made the Top 5 several times, which is why it is the most beautiful place we visited in our seven months of traveling :-9

Top 5 Beaches

Place 5: Woodgate Beach (Queensland, Australia)

A sand beach which is several kilometers long and has some bars and restaurants close by – of course it has to make our list.

Place 4: Wineglass Bay (Tasmania, Australia)

As the name suggests – a bay that looks from above like a wine glass. For this view you gladly hike up Mount Amos.

Place 3: Whakamahia Beach (New Zealand)

Mother Nature is a genius! A dark sand beach where trees are washed up that are almost white. Along with green hills in the background and a free campground with free WiFi right next to the beach. New Zealand – we love you!

Place 2: Friendly Beaches (Tasmania, Australia)

For us, Friendly Beaches is clearly one of the most beautiful beaches in Tasmania. Kilometers of white solitariness 🙂

Place 1: Hill Inlet / Whitehaven Beach (Queensland, Australia)

Overcrowded? Yes – it is the most photographed beach in Australia after all.
Expensive? Yepp – you have to book and pay for the boat tour.
Nevertheless it is clearly our number 1, because it’s whiter than any other beaches and just incredibly beautiful.

Top 5 Hikes

Place 5: Cape Hauy (Tasmania, Australia)

Beautiful hike along the steep cliffs in the Tasman National Park in Tasmania.

Place 4: Remarkable Rocks, Cape du Couedic, Admiral’s Arch (Kangaroo Island, Australia)

Ok – these are actually three little hikes but they are all in the Flinders Chase Conservation Reserve on Kangaroo Island and we did them all in one go.

Place 3: Fairytale Loop (Bryce NP, Utah, USA)

“Snow Hiking” in the beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park.

Place 2: Tongariro Alpine Crossing (New Zealand)

We hiked about 20 im through Mordor (Lord of the Rings). This volcanic landscape with its crazy colors is really unique.

Place 1: Angels Landing (Zion NP Utah, USA)

This was probably our most challenging hike. Not because of the length or the altitude, but because of the abyss left and right of the “trail” fitted with chains.

Top 5 Cities

Place 5: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is just weird and an extreme contrast to all our experiences of nature.

Place 4: Sydney

If we’d take hospitality alone, Sydney would make place 1. Once again: big fat THANK YOU to the Woods, who invited us into their home and into their family for 9 nights! Sydney is great, but also very busy and the was are longer than the Top 3.

Place 3: Brisbane

Because here it’s still summer in winter.

Place 2: Auckland

Very relaxed atmosphere with great green parks.

Place 1: Melbourne

Melbourne didn’t feel like a large city. Lots of beautiful little alleys, where you can shop or enjoy a cup of coffee. Also in terms of hospitality, Melbourne has a special place in our hearts! Big big Thank you again to Betty & Chris, and Cathie & Phil!

Welcome to Brisbane
Our Top 5 in 7 Months of Vanlife: Part 2

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